Figaretti Manufacturing & Distribution Inc.

In the early 1940's my great-grandparents, Anna and Guiseppe Figaretti, and their five sons, Chi Chi, Jack, Mike, Tony and Joe began packaging and selling their sauce to local grocery stores. The sauce was so popular that the brothers decided to open a restaurant. In 1949, Figaretti Brothers Italian Restaurant opened in Wheeling, West Virginia. The restaurant, now located off I-70 at exit 2B, Mount DeChantal road, has remained in our family for 50 years. 

The unique blend of spices gives our sauce a taste that no other spaghetti sauce compares to.  We use all natural ingredients which makes Figaretti's Spaghetti Sauce organic, vegan and gluten free. 

We are currently in the 5th Generation of producing our home-made recipe. Our 32oz. jar has found it's way onto the shelves of produce, gourmet, and specialty shops in over 20 states and growing. I've been shipping sauce all over the world to local residents who have moved away and to customers who have stopped at our family's restaurant while passing through Wheeling.

We currently ship our product all around the world. Our new virtual storefront will make it easy to order Figaretti's Spaghetti Sauce and have it delivered straight to you, or shipped to family and friends, to enjoy for any occasion.


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Anthony F. Figaretti